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Automated Medical Records

In most residential-care settings, the process for delivering and tracking medications is still largely manual, not electronic.


Premier Rx offers electronic medication administration record (eMAR) that supports single-barcode scanning for multi-dose packaging through our Facility Web Portal. It helps reduce drug costs, eliminates time consuming paperwork and dramatically improves resident safety by ensuring the "seven rights" of medication administration- Right resident / drug / dose / time / route / reason / documentation It replaces paper MARs with a robust, real-time eMAR that improves the speed, safety and accuracy of med-pass times, while offering numerous administrative benefits to both pharmacy and facility:

  • Replace the paper MAR with a robust, real-time electronic MAR accessed by scanning packages.
  • Full resident profile & history, including: picture identification, dosing and time changes, delivery status, notification of on-hold and discontinued meds
  • Online ordering of pharmacy requests at the point of care
  • Consult physician at the point of care- Attach progress notes, vitals
  • Real-time electronic MAR / electronic TAR – no more comparing of old vs new monthly MARs
Internet-based system that seamlessly integrates the information and care needs of pharmacies, your facilities and your patients' physicians.
  • Real-time connectivity allows for increased accuracy in medication delivery
  • Save time and paper with real-time eMAR – No more printing monthly MARs
  • Track drug information at patient level in real-time
  • Reduce duplication in orders through online ordering
  • Increase direct involvement in resident management with knowledge of all nursing requests to physi.cians – Online med reviews save time
  • Make informed decisions regarding medication management for residents with 24/7 access to data

Highlights of our record management system:
  • Real-time updates ensure records are always current helping to reduce medication ordering errors
  • Online access to electronic forms aids in consistent, quick, accurate data entry
  • A completely paperless system built to manage medication distribution from pharmacy to facility and from med cart to patient.
  • Patient dosages, allergies, and photo ID’s appear with a simple click.
  • Allows for transmission of refill orders
  • Alerts staff to potentially dangerous medication interactions
  • Required fields, such as vital sign checks on specific medications, helps ensure records are complete, helping to reduce violations
  • The electronic messaging center provides timely, bidirectional communication, virtually eliminating phone calls between facility and pharmacy staff
  • Staff can easily access the online image of the originating prescription for review or confirmation
  • Our system automatically updates the pharmacy on new, changed and discontinued medication orders
  • Comprehensive reporting package provides in-depth data
  • Historical records and month-to-month changes are easily tracked
  • Compliant with all electronic record keeping regulations for 2011
  • Easy to use software
  • Compliance Monitoring
  • Increased narcotic and control accountability
In addition, facilities might even experience a decreased cost in their liability insurance due to the safety benefits that our system provides.

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