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Quality Assurance Program

We are proud of the very low error rate we've achieved through prevention and attention to details and systems. We continually strive toward zero tolerance. Our goal at Premier Rx is to provide you with quality service at the best possible price advantage. One of our key differentiators is our quality control processes. Premier Rx commitment to quality is evident in our use of Lean Six Sigma methodology to drive process development for our clients, as while as on-going, continuous process improvement. Our core fundamentals of process development and improvement focus on:

  • Avoidance/elimination of waste
  • Reduction in process variation
  • Value defined by the customer
  • Simultaneous improvements to quality, speed, and cost
By continuously enhancing our services and process, Premier Rx strives to maintain high levels of client and patient satisfaction while also delivering improved clinical outcomes.

Additionally, a continuous training program for all personnel involved in the training process. Weekly training sessions are held, concentrating on cause and source of error, thereby increasing accuracy, improving efficiency and developing job satisfaction through a job well-done. The progress of each employee is constantly monitored and recorded to assist them in achieving their goals.

Premier Rx Health Solutions - St. Louis
105 Arc Drive • St. Louis, MO 63146

Premier Rx Health Solutions - Kansas City
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Toll Free 1.855.440.8584
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