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Patient Services

Our pharmacists will serve as the clinical experts for patients and physicians for general inquiries, as well as more complex cases requiring a higher level of expertise and discretion. We are focused on these clinical relationships to ensure that the utmost healthcare service will be provided to all of our patients. Our pharmacists will work closely with the patientís physicians, nurses, and other healthcare providers to foster a more comprehensive view of the patientís clinical care history and continuum. By building these in-depth relationships, our pharmacists are guaranteed to have a greater understanding of the patients and their healthcare needs. We will work with their physicians and recommend additions or changes to the current therapies to provide as many preventative medication practices as possible. The result is positive patient outcomes through better medication utilization and administration.

Utilizing this combined approach will take our clinical services to the next level.

  • Proactively identify potential gaps in care through Premier Rx clinical collaboration
  • Effectively communicate and address potential drug safety concerns
  • Early patient identification for possible enrollment in disease management and/or wellness programs
  • Improved quality of life for our patients
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