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Facility Web Portal

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In today's environment, you need to tightly manage costs, maximize the efficiency of your clinical staff and ensure the safest environment for your residents/patients. Facility Web Portal was specifically created by industry experts to help you do just that. Facility Web Portal is a third generation, easy to use web-based software solution that automates the order, medication and treatment management processes. Facility Web Portal helps reduce drug costs, eliminates time consuming paperwork and dramatically improves resident safety by ensuring the "five rights" of medication administration.

Facility Web Portal fits affordably and readily into your facility without requiring the replacement of your current IT systems or software support by your staff. With Facility Web Portal your facility can:

  • Creates seamless integration from pharmacy to facility
  • Manages inventory more cost- and time-efficiently
  • Reduces med-pass error with doses packaged and verified at the pharmacy
  • Offers bar-code scanning and patient photo identification
  • Drives best practices with robust reporting options
  • Achieve better survey results
  • Improve resident/patient safety through computerized order entry and "five rights" bar coding
  • Reduce drug costs by driving resident/patient-specific formulary compliance at order entry
  • Proactively manage your business through real-time management reports

The process of resident/patient care revolves around the order. A complete, appropriate, legible order is critical to both resident safety and a smooth care process. Until today the order management process has been labor intensive and subject to potential human error. Facility Web Portal's computerized order entry has been designed to address the unique needs of long-term care.

Our Facility Web Portal is the difference

Working together with Premier Rx

Efficient and Accurate
Communications between facility and pharmacy are online, so you can automatically:

  • Send and receive secure, categorized messages
  • Transfer, discharge and readmit residents
  • Enter requests for new prescriptions, reorders and refills
  • View order status in the current pharmacy workflow
  • Review billing transactions for the current billing cycle
  • Print MARs, physician orders, treatment sheets and more
  • Create detailed management reports
  • Automated Accuracy: Premier Rx staff respond to online requests with auto-populated screens. They can add supplemental information. Facility users receive immediate confirmation of processed orders.

Working together with Premier Rx
Accurate and efficient communication between your facility and Premier Rx is critical to the operational success of both organizations. Until now this has been accomplished with faxes and phone calls. Facility Web Portal gives you a comprehensive, electronic communication interface between your facility and Premier Rx

Say goodbye to faxing medication orders, changes, renewals or discontinues to your pharmacy
As new orders, changes, renewals or discontinues are entered into Facility Web Portal, they are immediately and securely transmitted to Premier Rx. The orders are checked for contraindications and reviewed clinically by one of our professional, licensed pharmacists before being filled. You and your residents will have the same peace of mind you have today, but with far less paperwork and far fewer faxes and phone calls.


  • Physicians, nurses and administrators have up-to-the-minute information
  • The risk of duplicate medication administrations (and possible adverse outcomes) is minimized

Inventory Control - No more faxing orders to the pharmacy, far fewer phone calls "chasing" medications and real-time medication inventory visibility

Decision Support (Alerts) - A safer medication environment for residents/patients and lower risk to you

New Admissions - Users will be able to submit new admission requests to the pharmacy. Patient demographics, method of payment, drug allergy information, medical conditions, and current orders can all be entered and submitted to the pharmacy. Submissions will be sent to the pharmacy’s work queue for review and final acceptance.

Patient Profile - Current entries in a patient’s profile can be viewed and changed. Modifications can be made to the patient demographics, allergies, and non-drug orders to be requested of the pharmacy. New requests are added to the pharmacy work queue.

New Drug Orders - Non-drug orders (literal orders) can be maintained directly by the nursing staff in the facility. No pharmacy intervention is required to enter, change, or stop a non-drug order. New drug orders can be added into the pharmacy work queue as well.

Reorders and Refills - Reorders/refills can be requested and placed into the pharmacy work queue. The reorder number can be entered or scanned from the barcode that appears on the Rx label. Multiple orders can be scanned and submitted at one time.

Discontinue Orders - Patient orders can be discontinued by selecting the patient, entering the D/C date, and selecting the affected orders from the patient’s profile.

Medical Records - Facility staff can print the medical records for their patients. The medical records are generated and sent, electronically, to the facility in a proprietary format. The facility can download a free utility, to view and print the medical records.

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