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Automated Emergency Medication System

The sophisticated technology of our automated distribution system can save time and labor and improve operating margins for cost-efficient management of medication and supplies. Our automated dispensing systems help ensure that facility resources -- from temperature sensitive medications and costly narcotics to catheters and bandages -- are secure, organized, tracked and ready for use.

Our technology helps health care professionals reduce or eliminate labor-intensive tasks by automating the management of medications and supplies where they are needed. Necessary items get to patients faster; clinical information is more accessible; and care providers have more time for patient care.

Automated Dispensing System

Our systems are advanced point-of-use systems that act like both a gatekeeper and an accountant. These systems offer tremendous benefits:

  • Security- only accessible by authorized users
  • Availability- over 450 unique doses in seperate, secure bins
  • Data- real-time reporting on dispensing, inventory, aging, etc.
  • Safety- Bar code technology used to validate each medication pack

A typical system includes a network of secure storage units located in patient care areas throughout the facility. Each of these units is controlled by its own microprocessor and functions much like a bank's automated teller machine.

Each secure unit communicates with the console at the pharmacy or central supply. The console uses proprietary software to manage the units, and is interfaced to the Premier Rx system for updating patient census information, and for the transfer of patient medication and/or supply usage data. By entering a personal identification number in the unit and following the simple self-help menu, authorized personnel can obtain items from the unit in a few seconds. Plus, at the time of access, all transaction information -- including the name of the patient and the description and quantity of items removed -- is automatically recorded. This information is instantly relayed to the Premier Rx system, eliminating the need for manual charting.

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