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Client Services

Premier Rx Health Solutions offers personalized customer services to our clients. Working with LTC administrators and staff, we create plans and procedures unique to each organizationís individual needs and improve the efficiency of the facilityís pharmacy operations. Communication, safe medication handling, quick delivery, and efficient medication pass times for the organization are all essential to providing optimal care. Our innovative process and technology streamlines the medication management and administration process alleviating the administrative burdens of a med pass, eliminating waste, and reducing errors, which are all essential to providing optimal care. This also allows nurses to focus more on resident care. We perform in-depth analysis of each facility in order to aide in these areas and improve service levels.

We believe the most effective way to maintain a safe atmosphere for the patients we serve is by implementing customized service programs, while ensuring open communications between administrators, healthcare providers, staff, and the patients. The result is the peace of mind that our pharmacy services prioritize the client and their patientsí best interests.

From a business operations perspective, our focus is quality and continuous improvement. This includes our own internal operational process flows, as well as all of the customized service programs we develop for each of our clients.

Within the Premier Partnership service model, we have followed the lead of several of the top manufacturing companies, to help us meet our goals of top quality process development and continuous improvement. We have taken the principles of two industry-leading process improvement methodologies and combined the main ideologies of each one and incorporated into our own operations: Lean & Six Sigma

Utilizing this combined approach will take our service delivery and operational efficiencies to the next level.
  • Provide a dedicated, fully accessible team 24x7
  • Offer innovative, automated and streamlined processes and technology
  • Provide Flexible solutions to meet dynamic needs
  • Paperless environment with real-time pharmacy access
  • Lower costs and fewer errors by reducing process complexity providing more care time.
  • Greater speed in service delivery
  • Reduced cycle times and the resources needed
  • Ability to proactively identify problems before they occur
  • Effectively measure and evaluate operational performance and client service level agreements
Premier Rx Health Solutions - St. Louis
105 Arc Drive • St. Louis, MO 63146

Premier Rx Health Solutions - Kansas City
300 NW Victoria Drive • Lees Summit, MO 64086

Toll Free 1.855.440.8584
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